Best Vehicle Cleaning Techniques/ Procedure

Cleaning your vehicle is always a tough task & time consuming too. If you’re a office person or businessman you prefer to take rest on weekend after a doing lot of work.

Cleaning your vehicle that you use daily for your professional or personal purpose need cleaning that keeps your vehicle shining & your care makes it durable and look like brand new.

Here, i am sharing few tips that will make your car cleaning easier for yourself. Let’s start with procedure & then we understand more terms related to this

Procedure For Vehicle Cleaning:

  • Clean interior first using brush & portable vacuum cleaner.
  • Secondly, clean tyres & wheels/ alloys. You can also use tire brushes & other cleaning tools.
  • Now, its time for some exterior cleaning:
    • Use dry cloth/ duster to remove dust over the vehicle.
    • Then, you can go for water to clean.
  • Final Touch: You can use polish and wax on exterior for shinny look.

Let’s discuss procedure in detail:

Clean Interior

Cleaning interior is way more tough than you think if you’re not disciplined, and you might waste your all day doing interior. Use equipment like vacuum, and congrats your job become way more easy.

Start your portable vacuum and move around the dirty part of vehicle. Let it absorb dust in its tummy, it takes several minutes to do.

Clean Exterior

In this section, we will see how to clean your vehicle so that it look like a new one. This part contains paint section cleaning, Tyre section cleaning and finally polish and wax for best possible shinny look.

Wash Paintwork First

Before using water to clean car, make sure you use dry cloth or a duster to remove existing dirt on exterior of vehicle.

If you directly use water without dusting car then after wash there will be dust marks on vehicle body & mirrors.

Use soap water, and always start with roof and then side-wise. after using soap use normal water to wash out soap water. otherwise it leaves soap marks on vehicle.

After that, leave it for 10 min so that it water can fall from vehicle. Then use dry old and clean cloth to wipe down remaining water.

After, Cleaning paint work get ready for your wheels/Tyres.

Its Time To Clean Wheels

Cleaning wheels correctly is not a easy job, hence we prefer some equipment’s to do so. Like, sponge, bucket and a good brush to take out dirt from little areas.

Scrub wheels where you think here is dirty, also make use of wheel cleaning brush. After cleaning finalize with clean water splash to fall down soapy water & dirt.

Polishing And Waxing

Final step, you’re just about make your vehicle brand new, before doing this process make sure your car is dry enough to absorb polish.

Make small spots on car using polish, after that rub it hard so its gets more shinny and reflecting vehicle paint.

Time for wax, wax is available in different forms like, cream, spray, liquid etc. choose your product compatible & affordable to you. After waxing you’re done, now enjoy your new vehicle 😉

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